памятка туристу

Advice for tourists

SSENTIAL INFORMATION What you need to know about Corfu


1. TIME in Corfu is one hour behind Moscow time in winter, the time is the same in summer. Greek time coincides with Kyiv.


2. WEATHER. The daytime air temperature in summer is approximately + 30 + 35 degrees, in the evening it drops to +20 + 25. The water temperature is about +24 + 27 degrees. In winter, the average air temperature is 9-15 degrees, the rainy season is from October to March. High humidity - up to 98%. The climate is subtropical.

3. Required phone numbers in Corfu:

Police 100
Port Police 108
Police Services 1033
Ambulance 166
Tourist Police 1571
Fire 199


4. CURRENCY. The Euro is the only currency accepted for payment in Greece. You can exchange cash currency only in banking institutions with a passport. See below for bank opening hours. ATTENTION. Rubles cannot be changed in Corfu. No bank accepts them. Rubles can only be changed at Athens airport.


5. CUSTOMS. Liquids are strictly prohibited in hand luggage. It is necessary to pack all liquids (including honey and cosmetics) in suitcases.


6.HEALTH. In case of health problems, you should contact your insurance company directly. The doctor will serve you free of charge under insurance (if the insurance is deductible, you need to pay about 30 euros) - medicines are free. All questions about medical insurance are best discussed when meeting with your guide.


7. WATER. Tap water is not recommended. In Corfu, the water in most areas is mixed with salts; you do not need to drink such water.


8. SAFE. For your peace of mind, we recommend keeping large sums of money and jewelry in the hotel safe or in your personal safe in the room. Sometimes this service is paid, you can pay for the safe at the reception.


9. ELECTRICITY. Throughout Greece, the voltage is 220 volts, European sockets.


10. RELIGION. About 88% of the population of Greece adheres to the Orthodox faith and belongs to the Greek Independent Orthodox Church.

The Church of St. Spyridon is the most revered on the island. Saint Spyridon was the bishop of Cyprus and took part in the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea in 325. After the death of St. Spyridon, his relics were kept in Constantinople, and when the capital of Byzantium fell under the Turks, the refugees took the remains of their Saint with them. Thus, in 1489, his relics came to Corfu. It is impossible to say with certainty how this man became so closely identified with the fate of the island, when he was only known as Saint Spyridon and how he managed to become the main saint of Corfu, but traditions say that it was he who saved the island from disasters. According to legend, Saint Spyridon saved Corfu from the plague in 1630 and 1673, and most importantly from the Turks in 1716. During the attack on the island of the Turks, as legend has it, Saint Spyridon appeared in the guise of a monk holding a candle, who spread panic among the Turkish troops. The church holiday of St. Spyridon is celebrated 4 times a year (the main holiday is August 11).

11. LANGUAGE. The language of communication in Greece is Modern Greek, modified Old Greek (kafarevusa). English is used to communicate with tourists. Also, many residents of Corfu speak German, French, Italian.




12. PURCHASES AND SALE. Products of local craftsmen (ceramics, bags, sandals, carpets - all handmade) are traditional souvenirs. Greece specializes in olive oil, olives, cheeses, dried fruits, tea, Greek coffee, wine. On the island you can buy various products from kum-kuat - a dwarf Chinese orange, which in Europe has taken root only in Corfu. During seasonal sales (mid-January, mid-July until the end of August) you can buy clothes for adults and children at low prices.


13. TIPS. In restaurants - 10% of the order value, but not less than 1.50 euros, in the cafeteria 0.60 - 0.90 euros.




Monday, Wednesday, Saturday - from 9.00 to 14.30

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - from 9.00 to 14.00 and from 17.30 to 21.00

Sunday is a day off.

Supermarkets are open from Mon. By Sat. 09:00 - 21:00.

Tourist and souvenir shops are open seven days a week and breaks.

BANKS - Monday - Thursday - from 8 to 14:30

Friday - from 8 to 14.00

Sunday is a day off.

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