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Mediterranean cuisine is deservedly recognized as the favorite of world gastronomy. Corfu, on the other hand, stands out especially among the Mediterranean islands - due to the rich historical events and favorable geographical position, Greek and Venetian traditions intertwined in the cuisine of the island. Until now, the names of many dishes have Italian notes, and their recipes are famous for their sophistication, but at the same time they are easy to prepare.

The most famous fish dishes of Corfu are BIANCO and BURDETO.

BIANCO (white) is cooked from the best varieties of sea fish, the fish is stewed in its own juice with garlic-lemon sauce and potatoes.

For a spicy BURDETTO, they use scopion fish, boil it in a light tomato sauce with lots of onions, hot peppers and other spices.

The traditional meat dishes of the island are SOFRITO and PASTICADA.

SOFRITO are tender slices of beef stewed in wine sauce with lots of parsley, garlic and white allspice. Usually served with mashed potatoes or rice.

Homemade rustic PASTICADA is made from rooster or beef, the meat is stewed in tomato sauce with the addition of spices such as cinnamon, paprika, cloves and bay leaf. Served with thick tubular pasta. This is probably the most favorite recipe for Corfiots, the dish is often prepared for holidays and celebrations.

An interesting dish of local cuisine is TSIGARELI, a wild and very healthy herb fried in olive oil, with the addition of garlic, herbs and hot peppers.

Since ancient times, the island has preserved the traditions of the production of raw smoked sausages and dried meat, there is a huge selection of home-made sausages and frankfurters.

NUBULO jerky is an amazing appetizer for wine and ouzo. For its preparation, only smoked pork tenderloin of the highest quality is used.

Pitas (pies) with all kinds of fillings are very popular in village taverns. Meat, chicken, mushroom, vegetable and cheese, in handmade puff pastry.

The hallmark of the island is the citrus fruit KUM KUAT. Liqueurs, jam, marmalade are made from this dwarf orange, and it is also sold in candied form. The local cuisine includes pork or game dishes with kum kuat.

Another well-known traditional product of Corfu is the soft drink gingerbeer (JINGIBIR). It is a non-alcoholic ginger beer made from natural ingredients such as lemon juice, grated ginger, sugar and water. The drink has a refreshing taste and is in great demand, especially in the summer heat.

There is also a large selection of local sweets on the island. SHIKOMAIDA - a sweet appetizer of dried ground figs, with the addition of ouzo, spices and hot peppers. It goes well with raw sausages and as an appetizer for alcoholic drinks.

Local pastries, fogatsa, raisin buns, fried donuts and nougat are also popular.

Acquaintance with any country in the world will not be complete if you do not taste the national cuisine. And in each such cuisine you can find the features of the culture of the people, passed down from generation to generation. Of course, in order to appreciate all the subtleties of various dishes, you need to go to a particular country. And visit both chic restaurants and small family restaurants and taverns, where this or that dish is prepared according to original family recipes. We really hope that you will find something special for yourself.

And a few words about traditional Greek cuisine.


The Greek feast begins with a variety of appetizers that are very interesting in taste, so we advise you to try, if not all, then at least half of them. Among the first will, of course, Greek salad. This is a large plate with beautifully cut and stacked pieces of tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, onions, olives and lettuce. It is also customary to decorate the salad with slices of the famous salty white feta cheese. Then you can order "dzadzyki" - a yogurt snack with finely chopped cucumbers, garlic and herbs. Tarama is also interesting in taste - salad-paste made from fish caviar. It is eaten spread on bread. It is also worth trying the cheese/spinach pies “tiropitakya ispanakopitakya” with a crispy, appetizingly fried crust. A variety of vegetables can also be called a popular snack, such as sweet long peppers, eggplants, young zucchini, fried in breading or without, sometimes stuffed with salted cheese. There is also a range of seafood appetizers - squid - "kalamaria", octopus - "khtapodya", shrimp - "garides", as well as many cuttlefish dishes - "soupya". They are stuffed, baked, grilled. Be sure to try "saganaki tiri" - fried cheese, or "Saganaki garides" - shrimp baked in wine with white cheese, as well as "dolmades" - dolma from grape leaves stuffed with rice

But you shouldn't lean too much on appetizers, otherwise there won't be enough space for the main course. National Greek dishes: "Stifado" - beef or rabbit meat stewed in wine with herbs and small onions. You can also order "moussac" - a casserole with minced meat, potatoes and eggplant, in bechamel sauce or "pastizio" - pasta casserole with minced meat and cheese. Having tried any of these dishes, you will truly appreciate the beauty of Greek cuisine. Everywhere in Greece, lamb is excellently cooked - try "kleftiko" - a delicious dish of lamb with vegetables and aromatic herbs, baked in foil in the oven, as well as lamb roasted on a spit "arni souvla". Or "paidakya", beloved by the Greeks, is lamb ribs baked on charcoal. The famous national dish is "kokoretzi" - lamb liver wrapped in intestines and fried on a spit. with lobster in red sauce.

For dessert, you can order sweets, “baklava”, “kadaifi”, “karidopita”, “galaktobureko” and many others. other. You can enjoy fruits - honey melon, watermelon, peaches and apricots. Also, the Greeks are very fond of the Italian dessert "panna cotta" and they cook it well.

A worthy end to the dinner will be a cup of Greek coffee "helliniko cafe".


Arnie - lamb

· Moskhari - veal

Hirino - Pork

Katziki - goat

Kuneli - rabbit

Kotopoulo - chicken

Galopula - turkey

Souvlaki - barbecue

Kalamaria - squid

Supya - cuttlefish

Htapodi – octopus

· Astakos - lobster

Karavida - a type of marine crayfish

Psari - fish

Psarotaverna - fish restaurant

Mussel akhnista - mussels boiled in wine with herbs

Thiri - cheese

Psita lachanika - grilled vegetables

Pita - pie

Glikko - sweets


Large fish are usually grilled, small fish are deep-fried. In any fish tavern, you will be offered to look at fresh fish or seafood, choose, while you will be weighed and sent to the kitchen.

Fagri, Sinagrida, Sargos are some of the best varieties of fish.

Barbunya - Mediterranean red mullet - a red small fish.

Kotsomura is a type of red mullet that is more delicate in taste.

Gavros (hamsa), maridaki, aferini - small fried fish.

Glossa - maritime language

Sardeles - sardines

Xifias - swordfish

Scorpio is a scorpion fish.


As you may have guessed, here we will talk about drinks that you should definitely try in Greece.

Let's start with the easiest. Frappe is a wonderful soft drink - cold coffee with ice and whipped airy foam. According to your desire, it can be sweet or not, with or without milk. Sitting in a cafe on the waterfront and sipping frappe through a straw, you can forget about the midday heat. It is better and healthier to drink "freddo" - cold natural espresso or cappuccino, whipped in a glass with ice.

You can talk about wine for a long time, especially about such a wonderful one as in Corfu, but it's better to just try it. Red or white, whatever you like - pay tribute to the gifts of Corfu's vineyards! In every village and in many houses, the Greeks make their own homemade wine - white, red or rose. In any tavern you can ask to taste homemade wine (Krasi Hima). In all taverns it differs in taste.

Famous varieties of bottled wines in Greece: Alpha, Vivlia Xora, Amethistos, Xadzimikhalis, Gerovasiliou, Moskhofilero Boutari, exquisite Ovilos, you can try Theotoki from local wines.

Retsina drink, original in taste, is made from white wine, which is infused in a barrel coated with pine resin, which gives the drink such an unusual taste. Try it - you won't regret it.

Beer is also brewed in Greece. Fans of this foamy drink should try such brands as Mythos, Fix and Alpha. In Corfu, you can try the local beer, which is made at the factory in the village of Acharavi - CorfuBeer - light beer or dark, unrefined. Corfiot beer - without preservatives, with a short shelf life.

Moving on to stronger drinks, it is worth mentioning "metaksa" - excellent Greek cognac and of course "ouzo" - aniseed vodka, quite strong, but drinking unusually easily. It can be diluted with water (it becomes milky white) or just add ice. The strongest drink is "tsipouro", local grape vodka.

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