Beach St.Stefan (north)

пляж святой стефан

St. Stefan beach (northwest coast) in Corfu

Agios Stefanos Avliotes (St. Stephen's beach) is a large tourist village located on one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Corfu. This is a quiet place with a long sandy beach and very clean sea. There are water sports on the beach. The long beach ends at the cliff along the foot of which there are lakes with healing blue clay.

The area is ideal for families. Around the beach there are many taverns, bars, disco, several swimming pools, one tennis court and a small port from which one-day cruises are held to 3 small northern islands of Diaspontia. Regular bus to Sidari and the capital of Corfu (except Sundays). The town of Sidari located 8 km from Agios Stefanos has many nightclubs, bars and discos.

Not far from the coast there are many picturesque villages in the traditional Corfiot style as well as the most beautiful sandy beaches of the island: Arillas, AgiosGeorgios Pagi, Peroulades. A small fishing port is 500 meters away, where you can buy daily fresh fish and seafood caught by local fishermen in the Adriatic latitudes.

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